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  • Name: parker
  • Birthday: yep, got one of those 
  • Favorite color: lately i really love teal & purple. no everlasting fav tho
  • Lucky number: i started liking 6 after it was my jersey number in *sports*, but i’m kind of indifferent about numbers now. i still like evens better than odds, overall
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Talents: talking a lot?
  • Last dream you remember: i usually don’t remember my dreams. occasionally i recall hazy dream mash-ups of different parts of my life or people i know from various things all co-existing weirdly
Can you juggle: nah
  • Art/sports/both: both/neither? can’t stand the elitism all around 
  • Do you like writing: sometimes
  • Do you like dancing: yes
Do you like singing: yes but i am not good at it!


  • Dream vacation: cross-canada road trip
  • Dream partner: i like what caumb4storm wrote, just substitute “person” for “woman”… “An intelligent, strong woman who has been through shit and despite everything that has been dealt to her, she still finds beauty in her life. A woman who is driven and ambitious, overcoming any obstacle with a giant FUCK YOU. A woman who takes care of her health and fitness, who strives to continue learning all throughout life. A woman who loves to laugh, a woman who is affectionate, kind, and discerning.” 
  • Dream wedding: a potluck & dancing in a big backyard, with lots of string lights & paper lanterns, everybody brings their dogs & kids. no family allowed haha. and no actual getting married ;) 
  • Dream pet: i like the ones i’ve got (two dogs & two cats). i’ve always wanted to be around horses… i haven’t had the chance yet. i don’t really like thinking of any animal as a “pet” tho, even the domesticated ones.
  • Dream job: something design/editing related working from home, behind the scenes stuff supporting rad queer, trans, indigenous, poc activists in the work they do. that’s kind of my plan for a second career, once i feel like i’ve become obsolete in my current field of work (i.e. my privileged ass voice doesn’t get listened to so much) and learn enough to do proper freelance-y things.
  • Favorite song: landslide or hallelujah
Last song you heard on the radio: don’t remember!
  • Least favorite song: blurred lines is right up there 


  • Guys/girls/both: all the genders!
  • Hair color: does not matter
  • Eye color: does not matter
  • Humorous/serious: serious silly
Taller/shorter: does not matter
  • Biggest turn-off: willful ignorance
  • Biggest turn-on: good politics / willingness to learn, grow, change / being kind & loving

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(this one is not that great, but whatevs! do it if you want!)

as usual, i’m very open to being corrected/schooled on this reproductive health thing

especially from trans women’s perspectives, since i’m only doing my best to attempt some understanding of your experiences, but have so much to learn

A quick note about autochorisexualism.


It is not “I’m an autochorisexual”.

it is “I am an asexual who experiences autochorisexualism”.

Thought I’d supply you with that little nugget of information.

- Amy

i wonder if it would also make sense to use it as an adjective? i.e. “i am autochorisexual”?




I’m not opposed to being inclusive when I discuss abortion access, but it really does water down/convolute a dialogue when you’re not succinct (ie: saying “women have the right to access reproductive healthcare” is easier to grasp than “women, trans men/masculine people, and nonbinary people have the right to access reproductive healthcare.”)

people. literally just say “people have the right to access reproductive healthcare”.

^The most obvious solution ever. Say, “people”. 

mehhh anti-choice bullshit is actually about misogyny though. it’s not actually a war on all people who can get pregnant/give birth. it’s the same misogyny that affects trans women in many ways (and trans women are equally affected by attacks on women’s reproductive health!!). anti-choicers’ main priority is not actually abortion (although it might seem that way)… that’s just a convenient rhetoric for expressing their fundamental hatred of women (internalized or patriarchal).

as a non-woman person who can get pregnant, i am simply NOT affected by anti-choice hatred in the same way as women are. the solution is not to neutralize efforts at ensuring WOMEN’s rights to reproductive health (which include abortion, birth control for all bodies, hrt, cervix/prostate/breast exams, gamete storing, AI, etc);

the solution is to ALSO provide services and information and advocacy to people of all genders for many different health and reproductive needs. 

yep, sometimes it makes sense to say “people” in reference to reproductive health. but sometimes what we need to be doing is advocating for women’s reproductive health, and everything that includes, fullstop.

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Let’s raise children who wont have to recover from their childhoods



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Anonymous asked:

People gender bodies because it means easier health care for each body. When you shut down "women's clinics" because it hurts your shitbaby feelings to see a gendered clinic, congratulations cos you're not only going to severely damage women's health care but cause deaths of women who won't be able to privately get proper healthcare.





How about instead of gendering people we just list what genitals they have? That would solve this “problem” that you’re proposing while at the same time not being cisseixist.

I would like to see any situation in which trans women and camab transfeminine people have attempted to shut down “women’s clinics.”

Also, none of my doctors or therapists or any medical professional who has treated me needs to have my CASAB in order to treat me. The last one I saw I brought this kind of nonsense up and the doctor laughed her ass off at the idea that she would have to misgender my body in order to treat me correctly.

I know that there have been a couple of instances where trans women have publicly taken “women’s clinics” to task for refusing to treat them or offer HRT, in some cases while providing HRT to trans men. But they weren’t attempting to close those clinics, just to get them to actually provide care to all women, especially if they were providing it to

the worst offenders i’ve seen for this are actually trans men & cis women feminists, tbh, and they’re usually trying to get gendered clinics to change their language to be inclusive of non-women who can be pregnant. 

i used to get really upset when everything related to uterine reproductive health was described as “women’s” health, but then i realized that my visceral reaction to it was caused by internalized misogyny. 

neutralizing gendered spaces doesn’t make any sense to me. we just need to have more options. it seems way more practical to have women’s clinics that serve all women, not limited to those with uteri. and other clinics that offer the same services for people of all genders. and other clinics that serve just queer & trans folks. 

i’d happily not patronize women’s clinics for my ob/gyn needs if there were other options, because those spaces aren’t for me.


Anonymous asked:

is experiencing sexual desires but no sexual desires towards *people* normal? like, if you still get horny but don't want to ever have sex with anyone ?



Yes it is! The most popular word for it is “autochorissexualism”. From our glossary

Autochorissexualism: A disconnection between oneself and a sexual target/object of arousal; may involve sexual fantasies, or arousal in response to erotica or pornography, but lacking any desire to be a participant in the sexual activities therein. Commonly found in asexual people; an analogous feeling may occur in aromantic people for romantic fantasies. Coined by Anthony Bogaert. (via anagnori)

It basically means that you have sexual desires, but those desires aren’t directed at anyone in particular. 

I hope this helps! If you’d like further explanation, please write in.

– Sebastian.


When I was a kid I thought your 20s were supposed to be fun, not filled with perpetual anxiety about financial stability and constantly feeling like an unaccomplished piece of shit.

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